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Looking for disposable latex powder-free gloves? Valutek has you covered!


Latex is the most common material for gloves due to its durability, comfort, and dexterity. Latex is ideal when high dexterity and tactile sensitivity is necessary. It provides excellent protection against contamination and chemicals such as alkalies, acids, alcohols, and ketones.

Valutek offers a very large range of gloves, but have you tried this one? Our Latex powder free glove is perfect for any microtek environment, which means: cleanroom Class 100-1,000 (ISO 5-6). The natural latex allows the glove to form to your hand making it the most comfortable glove in the industry, this latex glove is fully textured for better feel and stronger grip and the 9 inch beaded cuff ensures a snug fit while using the glove.




- 100% natural latex material provides the highest degree of dexterity


- Cleanroom compatible packaging for proper donning


- 9”/230mm length with beaded cuff


- Fully textured and smooth palm design


- Powder-free, double chlorination, filtered water rinse


This glove is also commonly used in a wide variety of applications including laboratories, general industry, food processing and service, janitorial/sanitation, pharmaceutical handling, electronics assembly and light-duty maintenance and cleanup.



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