Also referred to as pre-saturated wipers, Valutek’s Pre-Wetted Wipers offer the convenience and time savings of not having to pre-mix and measure chemicals for use with wipers. This type of wiper is packaged in a solvent safe container in which a pre-determined amount of solvent has already been added. The operator simply opens the container and pulls out a wiper that is ready to be used. Cut your prep time and your cost associated with chemicals by switching to pre-wetted wipers. Valutek Pre-Wetted Cleanroom Wipers come in vacuum-sealed bags and with a re-sealable plastic tub to guarantee that your last wiper is as fresh as your first. Reduce your operator volatile organic liquid solvent exposure while improving your wiper efficacy with the Valutek Pre-Wetted Wipers solution. How? Valutek eliminates these non-value added activities that pose environmental liability and employee exposure risk to your organization.