Cleanroom spiral-bound notebooks are used to record events and results of daily operations. Notebooks must remain in the cleanroom once introduced, and are not to be taken in and out at will. Controlled environment notebooks are manufactured to cleanroom standards from materials with unique properties to keep particle burden to a minimum. Valutek Cleanroom Notebook covers are constructed of polyethylene and can be written on. Cleanroom notebooks typically have a clean front cover and a clear or blue back cover. Since the front covers are clear, the first page is the title page. Valutek’s Cleanroom Notebooks feature cleanroom paper with excellent ink absorption, and all are suitable for a NanoTek environment. Sizes include 8.5x11, 5.5x8.5 and 3x5. Each Valutek Cleanroom Notebook is cleaned and poly-bagged for maximum cleanliness. To maintain the integrity of the notebook, it should only be unwrapped or opened in a clean environment.