One-Ply Knit controlled environment wipers are low in particles and extractables, high in durability and strength, and are recommended for removal of dry particulates and contaminants. They are less absorbent in comparison to non-woven wipes due to the characteristics of the material. Two-Ply Knit cleanroom wipers are also low in particulates and extractables, and are more absorbent than standard knit because of the quilted texture’s ability to retain liquids. Two-Ply Knit cleanroom wipers are considered the “gold standard” for wipers, and are perfectly suited for ultra-clean environments (NanoTek). Knitted polyester wipers consist of 100 percent continuous filament interlocked knit synthetic polyester. Lighter-weight wipes are usually single-knit polyester. If an exposed thread from a single knit wiper is dislodged, a run the can occur which will spread particulate. Heavier wipers are double knit, which is a more robust fabric that will not come apart.