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Embrace the ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT. Be proactive, participate, achieve and grow.

Always treat CLIENTS, PARTNERS, and TEAMMATES with dignity and respect.

Adhere to the highest ETHICAL STANDARDS.


Promote OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE through continuous improvement.

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Valutek - Keeping it clean since 1988

Valutek has been servicing the controlled environment needs for thousands of organizations in the life sciences, advanced material and academia since 1988. Our innovative one-source shopping model eliminates the needs to coordinate multiple manufacturers, invoices and contacts - one call does it all. Valutek offers our clients best-in-class products and exceptional customer service. Valutek does not just meet your demands - we consistently exceed them, and has fostered a culture of continuous improvement. Valutek has built our reputation on quality, performance, dedication and knowledge, providing our clients with a trusted business partner you can count on for years to come.


The convenience and simplicity of one-source shopping

Valutek understands that you have less time and more responsibilities than ever before. Supplying your controlled environments has to be fast and easy. That’s why we’ve built our company around your needs with 24/7 web-based ordering and online tracking/confirmation. When you have questions, your answers are only one click, email, or phone call away with technical support and online product data sheets.


Valutek product categories:

There are 8 product categories that our logo represents:


Knowledgeable, consistent industry leadership

Valutek is committed to sharing and enhancing knowledge in the contamination control arena. Valutek is a founding sponsor of the Global Society for Contamination Control (, an independent material testing laboratory and organization focused on advancing contamination control through knowledge exchange and collaboration. In addition, Valutek is an active participant in the leading professional organizations, (IEST, ESDA, INDA, ASTM) and a technical contributor to leading conferences (SEMICON, Interphex, MDM).


Proven technology leader focused on quality and performance

Before our products meet your own stringent requirements, they need to meet ours. Valutek is the only manufacturer to provide ongoing independent testing, performed at GSFCC’s laboratory at the world’s largest nanofab complex, SUNY POLYTECHNIC. Our close attention to quality control and commitment to continuous improvement ensures that you will always receive the highest quality products.


Agile, trusted partner dedicated to value innovation

We are your trusted partner, focused on helping your organization succeed. Along with our commitment to one-source convenience, Valutek’s service commitment permeates all aspects of our organization, and is dedicated to only one mission: serving your controlled environment needs. Our in-house client success team of knowledgeable, technically competent professionals responds to your requests quickly, from order tracking to product specifications, to certificate of compliance.


Product expertise

Three product lines engineered for your specific critical environment. Valutek makes it easy for you to pick the right products for your controlled environment. Look at these symbols next to each product type:


Direct manufacturer business model

Eliminates the need to coordinate: multiple manufacturers, multiple distributors, multiple contacts and multiple invoices. Valutek does it all! The Valutek business model simplifies: - Disintermediation - Competitive pricing - Technical and commercial relationship - Trusted pair of hands - Consistent quality - Traceability - Mutual benefit (Win/Win)