Greg Heiland, CEO and Founder

Since 1982, Greg has dedicated his career to contamination control. After a 6 year stint with Baxter SP (now VWR International) in sales, and leadership roles, he founded Sierra Scientific, an Arizona based distributor in 1988. He acquired the Texas based distributor Class 10 in 1998. He launched a leading cleanroom consumables brand, Valutek, in 2000. In 2002, the distribution business was sold to CINTAS. Based on client encouragement, he founded Global Society for Contamination Control in 2005, the cleanroom wiki. A frequent contamination control contributor to publications, trade shows, and the development and enhancement of cleanroom standards. For his long-term commitment to IEST he was awarded the 2018 Robert L Mielke award.




Fred Silva, West Coast field sales representative

Valutek is pleased to welcome Fred Silva, our new West Coast field sales representative, based out of our Southern California office. A graduate of the City University of New York, Fred has over two decades of experience supporting personal protective equipment sales and training. As a native Spanish speaker, Fred will also support the Maquiladoras in Baja and Sonora, Mexico. Fred is a trained contamination control expert, whose high-energy commitment to technical solution selling is unmatched.

“Valutek is privileged to have an individual with Fred’s integrity, professionalism, and energy, whose career success is based on genuine relationship solution selling,” says Greg Heiland, CEO.

Reach Fred directly at or call:

• Office: 619.678.2300 • Mobile: 530.717.5014



Matthew Ostwalt, East Coast field sales representative

Valutek is pleased to welcome Matthew Ostwalt, our new East Coast field sales representative based out of our North Carolina office. A graduate of Clemson University, Matt has over a decade of experience in critical environment hand protection supporting Life Sciences, Advanced Material, and Academia. Matt is a trained contamination control expert, and conducts rigorous research on his clients to better understand their glove and wiper requirements. His dedication to solution selling is genuine.

“Valutek is fortunate to have recruited a recognized sales leader in our space. Matt’s commitment to client advocacy, and building long-term relationships are an ideal fit for Valutek,” says Greg Heiland, CEO.

Reach Matt directly at or call:

• Office: 828.771.6811 • Mobile: 828.782.4015



Ryan Heine, Southwest Field Sales Representative

Valutek is pleased to welcome Ryan Heine, our new ASouthwest field sales representative, based out of our headquarters in downtown Phoenix. A graduate of University of South Dakota, Ryan previously sold software into the educational market. A teacher at heart, Ryan taught elementary education and English as a foreign language in Korea.

For the past year, Ryan provided exceptional onsite inventory support for Valutek in the local Arizona market. According to Greg Heiland, CEO, “Ryan brings empathy and hard work to the Valutek team. As a natural teacher, he is curious and has an innate desire to help his customers have the best outcome”.

Reach Ryan directly at or call:

• Office: 602.761.2306 • Mobile: 623.213.5687



Tammy Featherston, Sales Operations Specialist

Since 2013, Tammy Featherston has provided leadership of our inside sales operation team by always putting the customer first. A consummate sales support specialist, Tammy has held customer service roles of increasing importance throughout her career. As the face of Valutek, Tammy delivers the ultimate customer experience by making it pleasant and hassle-free.

She also inputs orders, handles online chat, resolves issues and tracks orders. Tammy makes sure our customers get the right product, in the right quantity, at the right price ON TIME. “As the first to arrive before sunrise, Tammy sets the tone of the day with her enthusiastic smile and can-do attitude,” says Greg Heiland, CEO.

Reach Tammy directly at or call:

Office: 602.761.2302



Saundra Rice, Sales Support Specialist

Saundra Rice joined Valutek in 2016 as a sales support specialist. A graduate of San Diego Mesa College, Saundra had a long career providing customer support in the financial services industry. With her high organizational skills, Saundra answers the phone, responds to email, inputs orders, does online chat and much more in a timely manner, ensuring that Valutek exceeds our customer’s needs.

“Saundra and Tammy are the gatekeepers of Valutek. Saundra’s natural poise and professionalism, along with her high attention to detail, are a huge asset to our inside sales support team and customer experience,” says Greg Heiland, CEO.


Reach Saundra directly at or call:

Office: 602.761.230




Why do we exist? Our mission is to help our critical environment customers achieve productivity, yield, and compliance goals.



We do the right thing for the customer.

We are in this for the long haul.

We make decisions based on data and manage the company assets like they are our own.

We want our employees to act as owners.




Valutek - Keeping it clean since 1988

Valutek has been servicing the controlled environment needs for thousands of organizations in the life sciences, advanced material and academia since 1988. Valutek offers our clients best-in-class products and exceptional customer service. Valutek does not just meet your demands - we consistently exceed them, and has fostered a culture of continuous improvement. Valutek has built our reputation on quality, performance, dedication and knowledge, providing our clients with a trusted business partner you can count on for years to come.



Valutek understands that you have less time and more responsibilities than ever before. Supplying cleanroom consumables for your controlled environments has to be fast and easy. We want you our customer to purchase Valutek products however you like to purchase your consumables. That’s why we’ve built our company around your needs with the ability to purchase through your favorite supplier or just by calling Valutek to find out how best to purchase Valutek products; we are here to take great care of you. For all other questions, your answers are only one click, email, or phone call away with technical support and our library of online product data sheets.


Valutek product categories:

There are 8 product categories that our logo represents:


Knowledgeable, consistent industry leadership

Valutek is committed to sharing and enhancing knowledge in the contamination control arena. Valutek is a founding sponsor of the Global Society for Contamination Control (, an independent material testing laboratory and organization focused on advancing contamination control through knowledge exchange and collaboration. In addition, Valutek is an active participant in the leading professional organizations, (IEST, ESDA, INDA, ASTM) and a technical contributor to leading conferences (SEMICON, Interphex, MDM).


Proven technology leader focused on quality and performance

Before our products meet your own stringent requirements, they need to meet ours. Valutek is the only manufacturer to provide ongoing independent testing, performed at GSFCC’s laboratory at the world’s largest nanofab complex, SUNY POLYTECHNIC. Our close attention to quality control and commitment to continuous improvement ensures that you will always receive the highest quality products.


Agile, trusted partner dedicated to value innovation

We are your trusted partner, focused on helping your organization succeed. Along with our commitment to one-source convenience, Valutek’s service commitment permeates all aspects of our organization, and is dedicated to only one mission: serving your controlled environment needs. Our in-house client success team of knowledgeable, technically competent professionals responds to your requests quickly, from order tracking to product specifications, to certificate of compliance.


Product expertise

Three product lines engineered for your specific critical environment. Valutek makes it easy for you to pick the right products for your controlled environment. Look at these symbols next to each product type: