Is your organization compliant with IEST best practices and standards for your cleanroom gloves and finger cots? Could you be using noncompliant material and exposing your facility to unnecessary risks? COVID has interrupted supply chains and disrupted manufacturing schedules on a wide scale, causing some manufacturers to cut corners and substitute with fillers that compromise your product’s integrity. Has your legacy glove supplier changed any processes, or shifted manufacturing to another country? Find out in this free one-hour webinar.

Join IEST on September 21, 2021 from 12-1pm Central Time, with Greg Heiland, IEST Fiscal Vice President – a leading manufacturer of critical environment consumables. Greg shares vital information about glove cleanliness, testing, and the COVID impact on cleanroom glove quality and consistency.

  • Webinar Name: IEST Recommended Practice: Cleanroom Gloves and Finger Cots
  • Webinar Date & Time: September 21, 2021 from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. CT
  • Registration Deadline September 20, 2021
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  • Webinar Cost: Free

Here’s what you will learn

Gain an overview of the IEST recommended practices for testing and evaluating gloves and finger cots in cleanrooms and controlled environments. Learn how to confirm important criteria like cleanliness, physical and chemical integrity, and other relevant properties of barrier gloves, knitted or woven gloves, and heat-resistant gloves. Understand more about what’s included in the Recommended Practices and why this is important to you, your organization, and your clients.

Topics Covered

  • How to develop a robust glove internal specification, and sourcing strategy to reduce risk
  • How clean are your current gloves? Best practices to reduce the possibility your organization is receiving non-compliant material
  • What are common fillers added to gloves and how could they be negatively impacting your performance and particle counts?
  • Why is there no such thing as a Class 100 glove?
  • What are some of the typical misconceptions about cleanroom gloves?
  • How to understand industry standard test methods


About Speaker

As IEST Fiscal Vice President, Greg Heiland has served on numerous IEST Working Groups, including the IEST Working Group CC005. He's the founder of Valutek – a leading privately-held manufacturer of innovative solutions for critical environments – and Sierra Scientific, a distributor, which was acquired by Cintas. As a contamination control thought leader, he has audited controlled environments to help organizations operate their facility in a stable state.

About IEST

IEST is a nonprofit, ANSI-accredited technical society, and gives technical guidance through international standards, recommended practices, and education programs.

Remember to register by September 20, 2021 for this free informational presentation, and keep your organization and clients safe and compliant in your controlled environments.