ISO 3-4 (Class 1-10)
Semiconductors, Nanotechnologies, and More


Valutek simplifies the complicated task of selecting the most appropriate consumables for your specific controlled environment. 


Valutek offers three product lines engineered to exceed the specific cleanliness classification of your controlled environment. Whether your controlled area requires MacrotekMicrotek, or Nanotek compliance, Valutek has the products to keep your area operating at a “stable” state.

Valutek material is subject to the most stringent and universally accepted IEST standard testing methods. Before our product passes your criteria, it must exceed our published material specification criteria. As an additional commitment to continuous quality control, Valutek is the only manufacturer in the industry to publish our trending analysis on 36 months of test data for all critical gloves and wipers.

Valutek makes it easy to locate and order different levels of product classifications in one place, so you don’t have to waste time searching numerous sources to find what you need.

All Valutek products are compliant with both US Federal STD 209E, and the EU ISO 14661-1 / 14698 Cleanroom Standards. Look for the symbol next to our products indicating its cleanliness classification – Macrotek, Microtek, or Nanotek – to guide you.

Highest Level Cleanroom Requirements

Nanotek is the classification for products used in environments that need to meet the highest level of cleanroom compliance. Nanotek products meet ISO standards 3-4, and the federal standard classification 1-10. These products are used in front end semiconductor fabs, aseptic operations, LED, biotech, nanotechnologies, and other emerging critical applications.

The quality control of the most critical products can be corrupted by non-standard test methods. Nanotek products should be your choice when you must adhere to the strictest contamination control standards in your controlled environment.

Valutek features the following apparel which is fully compatible for your workplaces with Nanotek level cleanroom requirements:

    Face Masks
    Bouffant Caps
    Shoe Covers
    High Top Boot Covers


    Shoe Covers High Top Boot Covers


    Valutek offers long cuff cleanroom gloves that are compliant with Nanotek ISO 3-4 Class 1-10. Find them here.

    In addition to cleanroom gloves and apparel, Valutek carries a full line of wipers, adhesive mats, documentation, and cleaning products to keep your work environment contaminant-free, safe, and compliant. 


    Feel confident joining our established customer base from industries we serve who utilize our Nanotek product line:

    Optics/Fiber Optics/Space Optics
    Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturing

    Tissue Banks 



    Go here to view a full selection of Valutek’s Nanotek product offerings.

    Since 1988, Valutek has been servicing the controlled environment consumable requirements for leading organizations in life sciences, advanced material, and academia.

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